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The government of the Ukraine permitted Aerosvitu to construct terminal in Borispole

The government of the Ukraine permitted Aerosvitu to construct terminal in BorispoleThe cabinet of ministers of Ukraine recognized as necessary the renewal of building in the airport \"borispol\'\" of the terminal of airline \"Aerosvit\".

This it is discussed at the disposal of government №813- r. In the document deals the discussion with the need for the extrajudicial regulating of land and property questions between the airline and the airport \"borispol\'\".

Furthermore, order provides for a change in the concept of the development of the main airport of the country. In particular, into the plan of the development Of \"borispolya\" up to 2020 will be included the objects of infrastructure, built due to THE PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY \"airline\" It aerosvit \".

This order of government can place point in the conflict between the large by airline and the airport of the Ukraine.

Let us recall, in the beginning of 2005 the representatives \"borispolya\" stated that the airline illegally selected in the airport 32 hectares of the earth, on which it had to build state terminal to the money, isolated with Japan.

By the resolution of law court the building of terminal \"aerosvita\", the first stone in base of which was placed at the end of 2004, it was frozen to the completion of judicial trials. In the course 2- X of the years several times declared about the possible positive solution of conflict in interests of both sides; however, further conversations the matter did not go.

It is planned, that the airline will transmit the part of those acquired of earlier the earth, located in the range of terminal area, to airport. In turn \"borispol\'\" will share with PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY \"A3rosvit- terminal\" 2 with land sections, which fit closely to the platform M and are necessary for the building of new air terminal.

The resolution of government for terminal \"aerosvita\" is connected, not lastly, with the slow rates of the realization of building in the airport \"borispol\'\" of state terminal \"D\" due to the means, given on favorable terms by Japan.

Previously it was planned, that this terminal will be elevated to 2008; however, the project of this air-terminal complex is not ready to the present moment, as are not declared tenders to the building. As a result the starting in the operation of \"Japanese\" terminal is postponed the minimum by the end of 2010.

Situation with the terminal \"aerosvita\" proceeds somewhat otherwise. Airline proclaimed already 2 years ago the readiness of architectural project, and also the rapid periods of its realization, since in contrast to the terminal \"D\", which provides for building from zero, the air-terminal complex Of \"aerosvita\" will be integrated with the existing international terminal \"B\" with the use of a part of its infrastructure.

Probably, government considered that factor, that the state terminal will be neglected practically to the the Euro- -2012. This means that in reality and so the overloaded terminal \"B\" simply will not be able to comfortably attend passengers within the next few years.

At the same time terminal \"aerosvita\", which even at the end of 2006 the minister of transport and connection Nikolai rud\'kovskiy considered as economic threat for \"borispolya\", will become altogether only method although to somehow unload the main airport of the country.

It was forecast, whereas that an increase of the passenger flow in 2007 will compose 15%, in reality an increase in the number of passengers, who used the services Of \"borispolya\" on the sums of 9 months of 2007, it exceeds 20%.
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