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JetExpo-2007 - postscript

JetExpo-2007 - postscriptThe passed at the end of September into \"crocus of Expos\" exhibition of business- aviation JetExpo-2007 can be named one of the biggest stories of the year in this segment of branch.

In comparison with the past year of the area of exposure they grew almost 2 to 8200 m. of sq., a quantity of visitors exceeded 6 thousands. On static area into \"Vnukovo -3\" were represented 15 aircraft of the most popular models, which are used in the business- aviation.

Opening exhibition, the general director JetExpo-2007 Aleksandr yevdokimov said that the business- aviation in Russia is developed systematically, well and rapidly. According to him, exhibition itself is the reflection of the fact that occurs on the domestic market for business aviation.

Yevdokimov also noted the grown activity of the western companies: they propose the significant volume of their production and services on the Russian market. Evidence to this were the presentations and the conferences, which passed within the framework of exhibition.

On them to guests and journalists about their novelties and programs told the representatives of the aircraft construction corporations Airbus and Embraer, of the khendlingovoy company \"rusAero\", the leasing firms JA Asset Bassed Leasing, the Austrian operator JetAlliance and the Russian helicopter club Of \"aerosoyuz\".

\"exhibition JetExpo is the reflection of the fact that occurs on the domestic market for business aviation\", Aleksandr yevdokimov

JetExpo-2007 - postscript
One way or another on the exhibition were represented all world producers of the aircraft of business- aviation. However, there were Russian producers, who also attempt to pretend in their portion of this market, on the exhibition in this year not.

One of the most uncommon exhibits JetExpo of this year - twin-engined two-place business- jet Javelin.
The concept of aircraft Javelin is developed in 1998 by George by bey, former pilot F -16.

Now business- jet is close to obtaining of a certificate of the type FAA, the putting into commission is expected in 2009. At the same time company plans to leave to the production of 40 machines per year. Are until today assembled about 150 orders.

The basic destination of aircraft - training, but also its commercial version causes not smaller interest among the amateurs of speed.

On the static exposure into \"Vnukovo\" the visitors of exhibition could also see the smallest of the corporate aircraft Airbus - A318 Elite.

The represented machine, ekspluatantom which is Swiss VIP- ferryman Comlux, he is the first aircraft of this modification, developed on the basis of similar passenger version.

However, each similar exhibition these are not only place for encounter and contact of the professionals of branch, but also successful moment for the declaration of new orders. So it was also this time. The Austrian company Jet Alliance Group declared on exhibition JetExpo-2007 about the arrangement of order to Airbus Corporate Jetliner. Taking into account this aircraft in the park of operator there will be five VS of this family Airbus: two acj and three a318 Elite.

Interior for is airship business- class to JetExpo they presented company KVAND and AgustaWestland. Italian AgustaWestland in Russia for the first time showed its new version of the formulation of salon for the corporate helicopters, developed by the specialists of the house of mode Versace.

Large technology it were placed in \"Vnukovo\", and small helicopters directly boundary by stands into \"crocus of Expos\"

JetExpo-2007 - postscriptNew design is already ordered by the number of clients from Italy and other countries.

The representatives of company hope that it will be pleased to customers from RF.

The Russian company KVAND showed community her own developments for VIP aircraft passenger cabins. The passenger armchairs VIP of class were represented on the stand of airline \"specialist kruiz\".

This development KVAND passed entire complex of tests and has an evidence POPPY. Today company thus far remains only in THE CIS, who makes a similar detail of interior for the passenger cabins of the aircraft of business aviation.

However, as a whole in the exhibition participated 133 companies of 18 countries of peace. Work JetExpo-2007 illuminated representatives more than 40 MEDIA, among them and Aviation Today.

As noted organizers, many of those, who participated in JetExpo already second time, they noted a qualitative increase in the exhibition and its special attitude, which combines businesslike character with the atmosphere of friendly contact.

The concluding event of exhibition became party Jet Party. Here participants and honorable guests JetExpo-2007 in the nonformal situation could exchange impressions about the passed forum and plans for the future: to the following exhibition - JetExpo-2008 remained only more than 11 months.
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