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Bombardier Global 5000 Sets New Transatlantic Speed Record

The high-speed Global 5000 jet set a new speed record on October 21, flying 3,652 nautical miles (6,765 km) non-stop from Berlin to Washington in just eight hours, 17 minutes.

The Global 5000 business jet departed Berlin´s Schonefeld Airport (EDDB) with a three-person crew and a payload equivalent to 12 passengers – a fuel surplus of 1,200 pounds (544 kg) above reserves and seven passengers. National Aeronautic Association (NAA) representative Kristan R. Maynard was on board the fully sanctioned flight, as well a representative from Rolls-Royce Deutschland and Bombardier employees.

The aircraft cruised at Mach 0.85 (907 km/hr) or higher throughout the flight.
\"The aircraft performed superbly on takeoff from Schonefeld Airport at 10:36 local time and climbed directly to 40,000 ft (12,200 m) then climbed to 43,000 ft (13,100 m) for the oceanic crossing,\" stated captain Rod Lundy, chief pilot, Global aircraft, Bombardier Business Aircraft, and pilot-in-command on the flight. \"This flight clearly demonstrates the Global 5000 jet’s superior speed, range and handling capabilities. We arrived in Washington at 12:53 local time, easily shaving 20-30 minutes from the length of time it would take to make the trip on a commercial aircraft.\"

This fourth NAA-sanctioned world record performance for the Global 5000. The third was a transatlantic speed record. On June 11, 2005, a Global 5000 jet flew 3,510 nautical miles (6,500 km) non-stop, linking Chicago-Paris in just seven hours, 15 minutes.

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