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Gulfstream G250 completes natural icing tests

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s second Gulfstream G250 flight-test aircraft successfully completed natural icing tests, bringing the large-cabin, mid-range aircraft several steps closer to its certification later this year by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

Lord Sugar accepts the first Embraer Legacy 650 business jet

British entrepreneur Lord Sugar took delivery of Embraer’s newly-certificated transatlantic-capable Legacy 650 business jet this weekend. 

Garmin Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin ESP)

Garmin ESP functions independently of the autopilot, and operates “in the background” whenever the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft. It gently nudges the controls back toward stable flight whenever pitch, roll or high-speed deviations exceed the recommended limits. Garmin ESP will then disengage when the aircraft returns to normal flight.


Charter flights

The urgent flight – is a flight at the order of which less than 24 hours remains till flight. Providing the real time data to us very operatively, you will be able to take off already in 1-4 hours. In the situations of various degree of complexity, company Air Travel will organize for you urgent flight with minimum preparation for flight.
Business jet charter – is a magnificent trip by the airplane of a class of business jet, where distinctive feature is a high level of personal security and high comfort. All this allows to our passengers, not getting tired during making long flights. Making an enquiry, you’ll get the chosen aircraft for your necessary terms, which will implement the flight to the route, time and dates specified herein. However due to your necessity you can change: date and time of flight; airport of departure and airport of destination; a route and destinations; quantity of passengers; assortment of In Flight Catering, other information. We pay attention of each detail and turn your flight into fascinating event.
Corporate jet charter – is the service which is necessary for the organization of periodic departure events, such as business meetings, journeys for work with regional representative offices, conferences, exhibitions, business-seminary, concerts, journeys on rest, etc. In this case, our company offers the program of a corporate service. The given partnership programs provide long-term balanced customer relationship policy in accordance with agreement about corporate service. Also we offer capacious aircrafts for the large groups, which differ from the business jet by a greater capacity and possibility of various class of placing for passengers and service onboard. 
Medical charter — is rendering the emergency qualified medical aid. We render services on emergency medical evacuation of patients by charter flights in Ukraine and abroad with a help of specialized aircrafts. The lead and experienced specialist of our company know all the subtleties about organisation of medical aid, will help to provide effectively and efficiently interaction of clinic with services of the airports.
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