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Gulfstream G250 completes natural icing tests

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s second Gulfstream G250 flight-test aircraft successfully completed natural icing tests, bringing the large-cabin, mid-range aircraft several steps closer to its certification later this year by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

Lord Sugar accepts the first Embraer Legacy 650 business jet

British entrepreneur Lord Sugar took delivery of Embraer’s newly-certificated transatlantic-capable Legacy 650 business jet this weekend. 

Garmin Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin ESP)

Garmin ESP functions independently of the autopilot, and operates “in the background” whenever the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft. It gently nudges the controls back toward stable flight whenever pitch, roll or high-speed deviations exceed the recommended limits. Garmin ESP will then disengage when the aircraft returns to normal flight.


Aircraft Management

Air Travel Company offers a comprehensive aircraft management program, which includes the following services:

Flight Operations: All flight operations personnel are responsible for scheduling and dispatching of both owner and charter flights. A flight itinerary (airports of departure and arrival, ground handling, estimated flight times, catering, ground transportation, hotels), is sent to the customer prior to each flight, which is subsequently tracked from take off to landing. Sales, operations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the customer with up-to-date information.

Crew Services: Professional flight crews are assigned to each managed aircraft, following in-depth interviews and a comprehensive medical examination. Depending upon utilization, three pilots are normally assigned to each aircraft.

Accounting Services: All aircraft billings are checked to ensure proper current charges, and to identify each specific flight-related expense. Invoices include a complete breakdown showing each vendor and amount paid, along with a full listing of individual charges by category. Our clear and precise Quarterly Aircraft Management Reports ensure aircraft owners receive responsible budgets, accurate cost and charter revenue information with no surprises. Naturally, all proprietary client information is held at the highest level of confidentiality.

Aircraft Budgeting Program: An aircraft is an investment of unusual proportions. Air Travel Company has developed an exclusive web-based method to help you determine which aircraft can best meet your needs.


..make us the responsible for management of yours aircraft!

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