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Gulfstream G250 completes natural icing tests

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.’s second Gulfstream G250 flight-test aircraft successfully completed natural icing tests, bringing the large-cabin, mid-range aircraft several steps closer to its certification later this year by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.

Lord Sugar accepts the first Embraer Legacy 650 business jet

British entrepreneur Lord Sugar took delivery of Embraer’s newly-certificated transatlantic-capable Legacy 650 business jet this weekend. 

Garmin Electronic Stability and Protection (Garmin ESP)

Garmin ESP functions independently of the autopilot, and operates “in the background” whenever the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft. It gently nudges the controls back toward stable flight whenever pitch, roll or high-speed deviations exceed the recommended limits. Garmin ESP will then disengage when the aircraft returns to normal flight.


Any time. Any place. Any aircraft.

Air Travel Ltd company is round the clock readiness to urgent flight. It is that urgency, which is so valuable in business, medicine or journalism. That is why in the number of our loyal clients – the leading commercial companies, the international news services, services of medical evacuation.

The sphere of our business is the organization and implementation of charter flights, lease and sale of airplanes both for private individuals and for corporate clients, and certainly tailored solutions (management of aircraft). At the discretion of the client we shall organize the best service for passengers at the airport, through the VIP halls or business terminals.  

Our managers will meet passengers in the hall of arrival/departure and accompanies them to the air stair of the aircraft. Business relationships with many leading airlines of the world do us one of the leading companies at the Ukrainian market. Our experts have the access to the largest and modern park of aircrafts worldwide that enables us to provide for our clients the wide possibilities of choice of air transport on beneficial terms. 

For our clients we can organize ‘sees off of flight’ with a help of proficient and experienced flight-manager. At the discretion of the client we can reverse the route, quantity of passengers and to provide (on a priority basis) with an exclusive In-Flight Catering in view of their wishes and tastes.

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