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AN-140 is the modern regional passenger aircraft which was designed for changing of older regional passenger AN-24 aircraft . The first researches and developments begun in 1993 . The lowest level of expenditures on technical service was a very important factor of AN-140 developing.
AN-140 can capable to operate from un-grave airports . This aircraft is designed for passenger and cargo-passenger flights on the distance up to 3500 km. The first test flight was in September 17, 1997. Since 2001 there was settled serial manufacture of this aircraft.
According with constructive lay-out AN-140 is aircraft with bi-engines of turboprop construction , with high – fuselage configuration and with tail unit of normal configuration. Auxiliary power engine AUO – 3 B placed in the tail unit of fuselage. This engine allows to exploit the aircraft from “un-grave” airports by autonomously.




  • Quantity of crew members: captain, co-pilot plus cabin attendant.
  • Quantity of pax seats in Y class – 50
  • Maximum payload – 6000 kg
  • Cruise speed – 500 km/hr
  • Range of flight with payload 6000 kg – 1380 km
  • Range of flight with full fuel capacity – 3000 km
  • Flight level – 7200 m
  • Length of runway for safe take off and landing – 1500 m


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